Everyday Habits That Are Secretly Harming Your Sex Life (2023)

7 Everyday Habits That Are Secretly Harming Your Sex Life

It’s not always simple to figure out why your sexual life isn’t what you want it to be. Often, the regular routines you don’t give much thought to can limit your capacity for pleasure. Clinical sexologist and sexuality educator Lawrence Siegel told Gbemzybeauty that it appears that more people’s sexual lives are increasingly falling victim to their lifestyles. There are many apparent factors, such as excessive stress and lack of sleep, that affect sex desire, but there are a few others that are important to consider in most of our daily lives.

1. Taking Certain Medications.

A person’s libido may be decreased by some medications, including those prescribed to treat cancer, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and other diseases. If you suspect that your medicine may be the problem, talk to your doctor about your alternatives; nevertheless, do not suddenly stop taking your prescription medication without first seeking advice from a medical practitioner. According to Siegel, even over-the-counter medications might reduce your sex urge.

“Antihistamines, decongestants, acid reducers, and even so-called natural products that claim to increase libido can have a dampening effect; especially when taken long-term,” he explained.

2. Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Regular alcohol consumption, especially in bigger doses, can negatively impact your sex life and impede your ability to perform sexually, causing dry vagina or making it difficult to achieve or sustain an erection, among other sexual performance issues. Drugs and alcohol can affect our capacity to have and experience orgasms, according to sex therapist Jesse Kahn, director of the Gender & Sexuality Therapy Center in New York City. According to Siegel, the impact of cannabis on sex drive and desire “gets both exaggerated and minimized.” Although marijuana can heighten physical feelings and increase desire, it can also impair other parts of the sexual experience, especially when used in higher dosages.

3. Not Drinking Enough Water

Most likely, you haven’t thought about how your water intake can be interfering with your sexual life. “Hydration is integral to arousal, function, orgasm, and pleasure,” declared Howard. “Circulation is directly impacted by the active amount of usable water in the body, and circulation is a direct correlate of arousal.”

According to Howard, drinking more water can increase orgasm quality, erection firmness, stamina, and vaginal lubrication. In addition to assisting our bodies with vital processes like eliminating waste, proper hydration also enhances mood, boosts energy, and lessens headaches and muscle discomfort.

4. Waiting Until Bedtime To Think About Sex

Many people don’t think about having sex until after they’ve finished their to-do list and are winding down for the night. Or they simply hang around in anticipation of a mood. A chance has been lost here. Sexting, dressing erratically, even just under your clothing, listening to erotica on the drive home, reading erotica, etc. are all examples of ways to arouse yourself throughout the day using your erotic imagination, according to Matatas. “It’s easier to not have to ‘dig deep’ to rev up your sexual side when an opportunity for pleasure arises if you feel connected to your own sexiness on a regular basis.”

5. Working Or Thinking About Work All Night

Do you frequently find yourself checking your email in the evening? Or perhaps you find yourself constantly complaining about your job to your partner while you are attempting to spend time together after work. Matatas noted that this is particularly true if you work from home, adding that it might be difficult to distinguish between work and play time.

“No matter how good the sensation may be, for some people it can be difficult to get into their bodies if your mind isn’t open to pleasure or still focused on the day,” she added. Consider using a vibrator, but refrain from thinking about sex while doing so, for instance.

6. Spending Too Much Time Sitting

A desk job will probably need you to sit down for the majority of the day. Our physical health is impacted by sitting a lot. It has been connected to harmful health effects like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. However, Siegel said that it also has an impact on our sexual drive and desire, “particularly when it also leaves us feeling lethargic or exhausted.”

Sedentary behavior also lowers sexual stamina, according to Pomeranz, along with energy and libido. According to studies, bettering one’s physical activity directly correlates with bettering one’s sexual function and health. Inactivity can also have a negative effect on one’s mood, sense of worth, and relationship with one’s partner, she continued.

7. Mindlessly Scrolling On Your Phone.

Your capacity for enjoyment may suffer as a result of all those hours spent on Instagram and TikTok. One of the reasons that it can be challenging to be present in and connected to your body is that mindless scrolling is a numbing practice.

It’s important to set aside time offline to develop deeper relationships with current partners or to investigate potential new connections, she added, even while online contacts can provide a certain sense of comfort. According to Siegel, constantly checking your phone and obsessing over social media can make you feel socially isolated and cause enduring emotions of tension and anxiety that lower your desire and sex drive.

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