Latest Gele Styles (2023)

Top Gele Styles In Nigeria

Infinity Pleats Gele

This particular gele style is constructed from a variety of materials, including silk and Ankara. They could go on and on because the cloth is basically yards, and they are typically piled in tightly packed pleats.

Couture Gele

The fashion-conscious, fashionistas of Nigerian and other African cultures will appreciate these gele, which are intended for them. You may find the Tampanpa print gélé in this category of gélé. This style of gélé is known for producing the rain on the roof sound that was prevalent when Yoruba women first entered the world of party attire.

Bling Gele

Discuss the most elegant gélé for a bride and some bling-bling owanbe parties. These gelès are embellished with glitter, stones, and other materials. It’s normal practice for bridal gelès to include embellishments like beads, rhinestones, and uncommon stones.

Ankara Gele

Over the years, as new fashions emerged, the Ankara gèlè trend entered the scene. Women and men alike continue to investigate this one-of-a-million and enduring headwear material. It appears that our modern, educated women won’t be departing anytime soon.

Aso-Oke Gele

The ancient Yoruba weaving material, so-oke, which is made of silk and weaved into various arrays of colors and sizes, gave rise to this particular form of headgear. It is typically worn by powerful women in Yoruba society, although it has long since become a crucial piece of clothing at traditional weddings.

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