Latest Mixed Ankara Fabric Designs Every Lady Would Fancy

7 Mixed Ankara Fabric Designs Every Lady Would Fancy

When mismatched Ankara dress patterns are dropped, Color Splash! occurs. To create a distinctive garment design out of two or more Ankara textiles, you must have a solid understanding of color theory. Making mixed Ankara outfits requires knowledge of complementing colors and blending techniques.

1. Ankara Asymmetric Patchwork Dress

Asymmetrically combine several Ankara prints to give the dress a unique and contemporary style. For further visual appeal, try out various patchwork sizes and shapes.

2. Ankara Abstract Art Dress

By stacking and positioning several Ankara prints in unorthodox ways, you may create a dress that is influenced by abstract art. This creative approach yields a visually captivating and distinctive design. It’s vibrant, and that’s an understatement; you must see it for yourself.

3. Ankara Color Harmony Dress

Choose Ankara prints with a same color scheme for a coordinated appearance. To keep a consistent style, combine these prints in various places throughout the outfit. It’s crucial to think about how to dress in the colors you select to bring out their greatest features. The fundamental goal of dressing is to find outfits that go well with your skin, hair, and eyes. Utilizing color harmony is one way to stop the eye from lingering on features you are self-conscious about.

4. Ankara Mix And Match Top And Skirt

For a mix-and-match look, pair a blouse with an Ankara design with a separate Ankara print skirt. By doing this, you can put on a coordinated outfit that features two different prints. Knowing your personal style makes it easier to combine different products to create clothing that is suitable for every occasion.

5. Ankara Mosaic – Inspired Design

Cut and arrange tiny pieces of various Ankara prints into a pattern to create a clothing that resembles a mosaic. This method results in an elaborate and detailed visual appearance.

6. Ankara Floral Medley Dress

Create a fanciful and vibrant floral mix garment by combining different Ankara floral motifs. For a striking ensemble, combine flower designs in different sizes.

7. Ankara Stripes And Solids Combo

To make a striking outfit, combine Ankara stripes with solid-colored Ankara fabric. Stripes can be used for the bodice, sleeves, or skirt, with panels of solid Ankara fabric for contrast. These two elements can be mixed in numerous ways, from understated to overt. A bold costume with black and white stripes, for instance, can be too provocative for some people, but Ankara ultimately offers more color alternatives to convey your emotions.

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