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Top 10 Countries For Finding Romance

Have you ever imagined relocating to a faraway place and meeting an attractive stranger with a fascinating foreign accent? We all have, let’s face it. Look no farther if you’re wondering where your chances of finding love abroad are greatest. The top nations for romance with a local have been gathered by InterNations, the largest global network for people who live and work overseas.

1. Philippines

The Philippines has the highest proportion of expatriates who are in love with locals, according to the findings of the most recent Expat Insider poll. In fact, in relationships in the Philippines, 79% of survey participants had a spouse who is from their present country of residence. The Philippines is the sixth-happiest country in the world for expats’ marital satisfaction, which suggests that these couples are generally content.

2. Colombia

If you’re looking for a Latino partner, Colombia should be at the top of your list since 59% of expats there have fallen in love with a native. Again, more than half (55%) of them also met there. In Colombia, 18% of all respondents said they were sent there on a foreign assignment, although compared to Brazil, work-related reasons were more essential than a brief romance.

3. Greece

I may have read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants too many times, but I’ve always associated Greece with romance. It seems that I’m not alone in this: In Greece, 71% of expat couples have a local partner, and 61% of those couples even met here in this lovely Mediterranean nation. Moving to Greece seems to be primarily motivated by love: Moving for love is cited as the primary reason for relocation by 31% of expats, much more than the 11% global average.

4. Brazil

60% of poll participants in Brazil who are in a committed relationship claim that their significant other is a local. This suggests that Brazilians are samba-ing their way into the hearts of expats. In fact, a sizable portion of these expats (52%) claim to have met their Brazilian partners in Brazil. Some of them may have become expats because of this in the first place: 20% of Brazilian respondents, which is more than normal, state that their desire to reside in their partner’s nation was their primary driving force for migrating there.

5. Japan

Another excellent option for people looking for love looks to be Japan. In fact, 57% of foreigners who are in a committed relationship have found a Japanese Valentine. Another 57% of those 57% met in Japan as well. What could possibly be more romantic than going on a first date while cherry blossoms are in bloom?

6. Thailand

58% of the foreign couples in the “Land of Smiles” fell in love with a local. Thailand comes in at number eight globally among the top 10 nations where expats are happiest in their relationships. In fact, compared to the global average of 45%, 55% of all expats in Thailand who are in a committed relationship say they are entirely pleased.

7. Italy

When it comes to romance, the beautiful country does not let you down. 54% of foreigners living in Italy who say they are in a committed relationship have fallen in love with an Italian. Even more surprisingly, 1 in 5 respondents indicate that falling in love was their primary motivation for moving, with international assignments ranking in a distant second at 11%. That is love!

8. Finland

Finns appear to be the exception to the stereotype that Northern Europeans are often chilly and distant, at least initially. In fact, 53% of Expat Insider survey respondents in relationships said they have found a Finnish companion to cuddle up with during the chilly Nordic winters in Finland. The primary justification given by expats for moving there is for their significant other, however Finland falls to eighth place on the list of the ten nations where expats are least content with their union.

9. Poland

Another common motive given by foreigners for relocating to Poland is love (18%). In this picturesque Central European nation, 53% of poll participants in committed relationships are matched with locals; of these, nearly one-third (31%) met their significant other in Poland and another 64% had already moved there when they first met their present partner. They have plenty of time to put some Polish endearments into practice. The phrase “You are the love of my life” is a bit difficult to pronounce: Jeste mioci mojego ycia!

10. Turkey

One in seven respondents to the study said they wanted to live in their partner’s country of origin, which is one of the primary reasons people chose to come to Turkey in the first place. The proportion of foreigners who are romantically involved with Turkish citizens is substantially greater, as 50% of all foreigners in Turkey are already committed to someone. Of them, as many as 71% first found love in Turkey.

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