These Are Best Ways To Flirt With Your Boyfriend Over Text

10 Best Ways To Flirt With Your Boyfriend Over Text

You want to make your relationship more exciting. Afterward, you might be interested in learning how to flirt with your lover via SMS. It is possible to develop intimacy by flirting. You will become more appealing to your partner if you flirt with him since he will think about you constantly. Your partner will be thrilled about your upcoming meeting thanks to how it fosters love. It is difficult to master flirting, though, as it is a subtle art. To learn how to rizz a guy up, read this page.

1. Be Naughty

If you haven’t seen him in a few days or if you’re attempting to make both of your days better by being a bit wicked, you can make some jokes. Send him explicit texts with phrases like “I think our lips should meet up.” It’s a fantastic approach to capture his attention and enhance your attractiveness.

2. Send Good Night Text Messages

His heart will be won over by a flirtatious and beautiful goodnight note. In one of the most private and intimate times of the day, a good night message can be a subtly telling way to let a guy know you are thinking about him. For instance, you could say something like, “I hope you have delectable dreams.” To show your admiration and desire to stay with him, keep in mind that a few loving words delivered as a goodnight message can go a long way.

3. Send Selfies

Men tend to be visually minded, so cute and flirting photos can be alluring and playful. Send him a selfie to get his attention and make him desire to be with you in order to maintain the dynamics of seduction.

4. Ask Questions

To attract his attention and start the conversation, ask him sexy, funny, and flirtatious questions. For instance, “I’m testing out different colognes at the mall. This smells. Do you prefer the one on my left wrist or the one on my right? The alternative is to text him, “You haven’t seen Tick, Tick… Boom!?” You can make it look like a joke if a guy ignores you after you email him a few seductive or appealing inquiries.

5. Pique His Curiosity

Another method of flirting with a guy over text is arousing his curiosity. As an illustration, you could pretend to have information that he needs. I’m astonished you placed that in your profile, for instance. The question is, “How did you think of that? Your man’s curiosity will take control of him when he reads this. He might text you back to clarify what you’re talking about because he will be confused.

6. Build Mystery

One strategy for flirting with a guy is to create an air of mystery around you. It’s a good idea to give the impression that you are having fun. Say he texts you, “What plans for this weekend?” as an example. “Salsa on Saturday night, wine tasting with friends,” you might say. I am quite busy. I’ll let you know on Sunday. This gives you more of a mystique.

7. Tease Him

Your objective while texting a guy is to challenge him. Provide him with a response prompt. To get him going and keep the conversation interesting, tease him, bring up something he likes, or make brief remarks. For instance, you could text a guy and say, “Last night was fantastic seeing your family. Your father has a great appearance! It makes sense that you would have inherited his charisma and hotness.

8. Use Emojis, Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs, stickers, and emoji are some text flirtation strategies. You can convey your emotions in a text to a guy by using the traditional winky face emoji, the eyes emoji, the purple, devil smiley face, or the winking face with the tongue. GIFs also provide you greater freedom to express yourself when you’re trying to flirt with a guy.

9. Be Extraordinary

It won’t work to text a guy “hello” or “hey” to get his attention. If you want to be an effective flirt, you must show off your individuality. Sending the same text every day at the same time can get monotonous. Instead, one method of flirting with a guy by text is to send him SMS at various intervals throughout the day.

10. Play Truth or Dare

Playing truth or dare will make your text flirtation with a guy twice as enjoyable. A texting game that gets a guy amped up is truth or dare. Truth or dare will provide you an excuse to carpet-bomb a person with provocative inquiries so you can learn more about him. You could inquire, “When was the last time you hugged someone?” for instance. “What is your wildest fantasy?”

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