These Are Common Signs a Coworker Likes You but Is Hiding It

10 Common Signs a Coworker Likes You but Is Hiding It

Do you suspect a coworker of like you but keeping it a secret? You definitely have a coworker that seems to be scrutinizing you, but you shouldn’t make any assumptions. There are various ways to tell whether a coworker is attracted to you if you’re curious.

1. Messages You Outside Work

It may be a sign that a coworker is very into you if they text you after work hours. Additionally, if they give you an impromptu explanation for why they haven’t texted you in a while, such “Sorry for being unavailable, I had dinner with my mom,” that could be a sign of his interest in you. As some people like to text constantly, find out from your coworkers if that individual also texts them.

2. Caught Looking At You Several Times

Although it’s not polite to stare, sneaking a glimpse or thinking about someone you admire can be charming. The difference between the two is slight but important. A coworker’s continued attention may be a sign that they find you attractive. It shows that they think you’re appealing and want to be complimentary of your appearance.

3. Obvious Body Language

The importance of body language in determining whether a coworker has developed romantic feelings for you cannot be emphasized. The same goes for your coworker; their body language might show whether they share your feelings. You may tell if someone is interested in you romantically by observing their actions, such as hugging or lingering, putting their hand on your shoulder when assisting you, and making eye contact.

4. Acts Awkwardly Around You

When a coworker starts to feel flustered or uncomfortable in your presence, it’s one of the cutest signals that they’ve started to like you. This may be demonstrated by stuttering, agitation, or a reddening of the face.

5. Curious About Your Dating Status

Is your coworker always interested in learning about your romantic life? It’s possible that their curiosity or romantic interest in you is the cause of this conduct. They can be trying to determine whether you’re single right now or if you’d be interested in dating in the future.

6. Always Finds An Excuse to Strike A Conversation

The most overt evidence that someone likes another employee at work is frequently this. It’s a clear indication that they like you, even though it doesn’t always mean they fancy or find you attractive. In the beginning, while people are getting to know you, there will likely be some buzz in the office. Continue your investigation if a particular someone keeps looking for an opportunity to speak with you.

7. Wants To Be Near You All The Time

A coworker who is interested in you might subtly take the seat next to you in meetings without being overly eager. Alternatively, they might go around your desk as a detour. It can be an indication that they like you if they actively look for ways to be close to you.

8. Updated About Your Life

Your coworker will probably keep up with your life if they have feelings for you. They might be aware of your Instagram updates or the jobs you’re currently working on, showing a persistent curiosity. This can signal that they’ve been secretly monitoring your social media activity or that they’re actually paying attention to your stories and words.

9. Talks To You About Random Things Unrelated To Work

It can be difficult to forge a strong connection with someone if all of your conversations revolve about work. This may be a sign that a coworker harbors romantic feelings for you. They might start conversations about various subjects in the intention of discovering common interests to build a stronger connection in an effort to be recognized as more than just a coworker.

10. Hangs Out With You In Social Events

One of the most obvious signs that a coworker is attracted to you on a subliminal level would be their efforts to spend time with you. This is evident when they ask for confirmation of your appearance at professional gatherings and show excitement for your arrival. All of their focus will be on you. They might also find excuses to talk to you or try to start conversations. Keep an eye out for these actions because they could be a sign that your coworker is into you.

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