These Are Feelings Signal The End Of A Relationship

These 10 Feelings Signal The End Of A Relationship

The slow tapering-off of a relationship is a typical pattern for its demise; it is characterized by a protracted time of warning indications and willful denial as the desire to make things work between one or both partners wanes. A sharp, abrupt break can be more startling, but it’s also more obvious.

1. Communication Breakdown

You might have noticed that you and your partner no longer frequently talk about either good or bad things. Instead of attempting to resolve problems as they emerge, you two may choose to sweep them under the rug while still harboring a deep sense of resentment. At this point, you might think that choosing a calm life is preferable to trying to resolve the situation. In a similar vein, you might not feel the need to tell people about good things that happen in your life.

2. Aggressive Or Confrontational Communication Style

The opposite of a complete breakdown in communication is when you and your partner are continually at one other’s throats and resistant to any attempts to make amends. It can be very tempting for people to act aggressively or confrontationally as a way of letting off steam when they are experiencing relationship issues. The rush of fury, like a pressure valve, might give a momentary feeling of satisfaction, but over time, this behavior erodes respect and trust and prevents dialogue between partners.

3. Lack Of Physical Intimacy

At this point in your relationship, both sexual and non-sexual intimacy may be uncommon or unheard of. All forms of physical closeness are essential to the health of a partnership. Touching causes the production of oxytocin, a hormone that fosters love and connection. When you are physically intimate (sexually or non-sexually) with another person, your brain releases oxytocin, a neuropeptide that fosters feelings of trust, kinship, and commitment. Those emotions may fade if there is no physical connection.

4. Fantasising About Others

The majority of specialists will tell you that fantasizing about other people is a normal, healthy sexual behavior and that practically everyone engages in it, so this can be a bit of a false indication. The deciding factor is how much your dream disrupts your peace of mind: does it feel natural and like a joyful expression of your sexuality, or does it feel guilt-ridden and like it’s keeping you from your partner? Do your fantasies center around relationships in general or just sex? Is there a specific recognized somebody who occupies all of your fantasy? You should consider the answers to these queries to determine whether your fantasy is beneficial or eclipsing and degrading your actual relationship.

5. You Agree With One Another To Keep The Peace

Being agreeable and non-confrontational can be beneficial to a relationship, but continuously giving in to demands from your partner in order to maintain harmony might be a sign that things have gone too far and the relationship has fallen apart. The power dynamic is off if you let your spouse walk all over you, or if they let you do the same to them.

6. You Or Your Partner Are Spending Extended Periods Of Time With Other People, Like Family And Friends, At The Expense Of Time You Might Usually Spend Together

This isn’t an indication that you or they are being disloyal; rather, you could be just separating your social life from theirs to make room for a freshly single version of yourself. This is distinct from having a fulfilling social life outside of the partnership. Remember that it’s not your responsibility to monitor your partner’s social interactions; in fact, this kind of behavior is sometimes interpreted as a sign of an abusive or codependent relationship.

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