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These Are Latest Nigerian Natural Hair Weaving Styles without Attachment (2023)

Nigerian Natural Hair Weaving Styles without Attachment

To encourage black girls and women to value their natural hair, we have created collections of unique Nigerian natural hair weaving styles. You may find natural hairstyles for your natural hair here, including twisted updos and downdos, flat twists, Bantu knots, all back weaving, buns, chignons, stitch in braids, feed in braids, frohawks, fishbone braids, and cornrows.

1. Feed In Braids On Natural Hair

A hairdo that offers protection is one with braids. Make sure your natural hair is properly relaxed before choosing this hairstyle so you can appreciate the appearance.

2. Side Parting Weaving On Cornrows

Your natural hair weaving style looks amazing with a side part. It appears to be both straightforward and intricate.

3. Bantu Knots

One natural hairdo that never goes out of style is the bantu knot. It appears to be very straightforward and very durable.

4. Flat Twist Updo

The flat twist updo is a beautiful and distinctive hairstyle for women. It may be done on both naturally short and long hair and looks incredibly trendy and lovely.

5. Chignon Weaving Styles

Beautiful hairstyles like the chignon keep the tip of your hair weave from bothering you. In addition, it is a protective hairdo.

6. Fishbone Braiding Style

The fact that this haircut lasts longer is among the qualities I value most. Additionally, it may be done on both long and short natural hair.

7. French Braids Weaving On Natural Hair

This is one of the simple natural hairstyles you can choose from. You appear fuller and cuter as a result.

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