These Are Possible Reasons Why A Guy Would Block You

10 Possible Reasons Why A Guy Would Block You

Men may choose to block a person for a number of reasons, including having strong feelings for the person, wishing to move on from them, or just choosing not to communicate. They may have a reputation as a player, or they may have made the decision to block out of negative feelings like rage, impatience, jealously, insecurity, or fear. The person who blocked you might not have been the guy, but rather his envious girlfriend.

1. He Already Got What He Wanted From You

Also for this reason, a guy can decide to block you. He was probably only interested in making physical contact with you if you engaged in it and he later vanished. If you experience this, don’t criticize yourself. A man like him is not what you need. Just move on, as he did when he blocked you on social media, and just forget about him. People who utilize others and treat them carelessly are just the heartless and haughty. Even your attention is unworthy of him.

2.He Likes You More Than A Friend

Even if you merely consider him a friend, he probably has feelings for you that go beyond friendship. It’s probable that you haven’t given the idea of having a romantic connection with him much thought. Every time he sees you in a picture with another guy, it hurts him and brings forth his most intense feelings.

3. He Just Wants To Get Your Attention

Have you ever purposefully cut off a conversation to get someone’s attention? Maybe they’re complacent since they’re used to getting regular calls and texts from you. They no longer make the first move, which gives the sense that you are pleading for their attention.

4. He Hopes You’d Miss Him

He probably feels that you’ve taken him for granted. He has probably been nearby ever since, ready to offer assistance and company whenever you needed it. You haven’t committed to him, though, up to this point. Even if you do like him, he is unsure. He chose to block you and watch for your response because of this. This man, in essence, wants you to overlook him and recognize his significance. He will unblock you right away if you reach out to him and he really likes you.

5. He Is Intimidated By You

Men can feel intimidated by women who have a strong presence or energy, despite the fact that women are typically physically weaker than men. This is especially true if you don’t know each other well. Some men could feel uneasy and desire to leave the scene if you are a self-assured, vocal lady who is not hesitant to voice her ideas. It’s crucial to keep in mind that some men feel scared by powerful women, though not all of them. You shouldn’t pursue a man who has blocked you, but you might try getting in touch with him and finding out why. It’s best to let him go and not waste your time on someone who can’t manage your strength if he continues to avoid you.

6. You’ve Offended Him

Someone may be hurt if they have blocked you without providing a justification. It’s likely that they are still experiencing emotional pain as a result of anything that happened in the past. When hurt, it’s typical for people to block their relationships, but this usually only lasts a short while. Once they’ve had a chance to recuperate, they’ll probably let you through.

7. He’s Mad At You

Men can exhibit unpredictable behavior when they are upset. It’s common to vent rage at someone by blocking them. Perhaps you and your boyfriend got into a heated disagreement, and he overreacted. Avoid being nosy or attempting to look into the subject more in this circumstance. Instead, allow him room to process his feelings and wait for him to get in touch with you when he’s ready. I recognize the want to look him up on Facebook through a friend, but it would be wise to resist doing so since it can make you feel even more uneasy. You could want to get in touch with him in another way if he doesn’t get back to you right away.

8. He’s Annoyed

It’s possible that you offended him in some way. What topic did you discuss most recently? Did you fight with him about something that irked you? Alternatively, he might be angry with you for being insensitive. Please be aware that some guys are weak. Simple jokes and discussions about politics, religion, and other controversial subjects can easily upset certain people.

9. He Has A Girlfriend—And She’s Jealous

Some of the men who hang out online are already in committed relationships, which may surprise you. In the 21st century, this isn’t exactly breaking news because we routinely hear humorous anecdotes about this kind of event. It’s disappointing that this guy might have blocked you since his partner discovered him sending inappropriate texts.

10. He Is Rejecting You

The easier alternative is frequently to choose to vanish rather than engage in a challenging and uncomfortable discourse. This is frequently the case for guys who use this conduct instead of rejecting a woman because they lack the necessary skills. Not to criticize him too severely, despite the fact that being in the dark could be annoying. You can be sure that he is regretting his actions right now. It may say something about his character if he blocks you rather than rejecting you. It’s best to discover someone trustworthy and able to communicate honestly if this is the real explanation behind his actions.

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