These Are Things That Must Happen For Two People Fall In Love

10 Things That Must Happen For Two People Fall In Love

Elizabeth Phillips, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Central Florida, stated in her presentation that psychologists have found ten elements that bind people together. Dr. Phillips was examining the development of human relationships with technology as well as the function that attachment plays in these relationships. Before moving on to love and technology, Dr. Phillips had to start with the attachment theory in human relationships and piece together how people develop mature connections with other adults.

1. Attraction

Everyone has a different set of ideal qualities in a spouse. Some people’s personalities are ideal, while others place more weight on appearance. Phillips asserts that despite this, we all have characteristics of personality or physical appeal that make our hearts race. Therefore, if you don’t find anything attractive about your date, including their amazing 8-pack abs, it’s unlikely that you will fall in love with them.

2. Social influences

Phillips contends that societal norms are what determine what is considered appropriate. Age, family history, and culture are included. Therefore, it is doubtful that you will be open to finding love with someone who is 45 years old if you are 25 and don’t find older guys to be attractive.

3. Danger factor

Go skydiving or bungee jumping if you’re looking for love. There are no puns intended, really. It seems that falling in love is a bonding experience that involves being in an adrenaline-induced circumstance with someone else.

4. Fulfillment

The individuals we fall in love with typically fill a need in our lives, whether it’s a hug or a boost to our ego. This also doesn’t always occur deliberately. It seems that we subconsciously want a partner who can fill a void in our lives, which is really distressing.

5. Mystery

Isn’t it strange that the folks we find the most attractive are the ones we have the hardest time understanding? Thankfully, science has established that doing so does not, in and of itself, cause self-destruction.

6. Alone time

In essence, you’re condemned to stay in the friendship zone if you don’t spend some quality time alone with someone. Being exclusive is necessary for falling in love since one-on-one time allows you to get to know someone thoroughly.

7. Relationship readiness

This one doesn’t appear to apply to women as much as it does to males since, usually speaking, a woman will find a way to integrate a relationship into her life if the appropriate opportunity arises, even if she claims she’s not ready for one. Phillips contends that, in order to welcome a connection, a person must first reach a certain psychological level.

8. The X-factor

Finding someone with the X-factor—someone extraordinary that makes you go WOW!—is essential to finding love, just as the TV show suggests. Similar to attraction, it may be a wicked sense of humor, an exquisite smile, or a kind, caring heart.

9. Similarity

Contrary to popular belief, we are more likely to find someone who shares our interests and values because they are more likely to reciprocate our feelings. Oh, how ironic

10. Reciprocated feelings

You won’t get into a committed relationship with someone who doesn’t share your sentiments, of course. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still fall in love with them. Tossing the balance between friends and lovers, according to scientists, can be as simple as feeling wanted by another person.

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