Tips On Easy Way to Tie a Perfect Bow Tie

8 Easy Way to Tie a Perfect Bow Tie

A standard necktie may be something you’re used to, but a bow tie? Not at all. If you already know how to tie your shoes, tying a bow tie won’t be a problem. Bow ties look great with button-up shirts, suits, and tuxedos. We’ll walk you through every step of the process whether you’re tying a bow tie for the first time or just need a refresher course. Your tie will be neat and fashionable for any event once you’ve finished reading.

1. Fold side A into a bow shape

For the other half of the bow, repeat the fold you did for side B. Right where the strap begins to spread, pinch side A, then fold it back toward your chest. Next, make a bow shape by folding your tie down at the widest point.

2. Pass side A through the loop behind side B

The bow will have a folded and flat portion on each side. To show the loop in your tie, pinch the ends of side B together. Pull through the loop after gently inserting the folded part of side A. To ensure that the tie is flat and in line with the bow shape in front of it, smooth it out.

3. Pull the folded parts of the bow

After a brief tightening, your bow tie is finished being tied. To tighten the knot, slowly pull on the loops on either side of the tie. Pull on the flat ends of your tie to make any necessary modifications if the sides of your tie need to be evened out. After that, simply let down your shirt’s collar to complete your attire.

4. Bring side A over the middle of the bow

Your bow tie’s knot is formed in the middle by the tie strap. Place the longer end of the shoulder over the narrowest portion of the bow you just formed. Ensure that the patterned side is facing out and that the bow is flat.

5. Fold side B over at its widest point

Your bow tie’s first loop is made by the fold. Pull side B toward your non-dominant arm and pinch where your tie overlaps. The shorter end should then be raised and folded over on itself at the widest point to form a bow. Your tie should now be horizontal and positioned just below your Adam’s apple.

6. Pull side A up through the neck loop

Once side A is out of the way, place it on your shoulder. Pull side A through by pushing its end through the neck loop’s bottom. Pull side A of your tie tightly until it is a finger’s width away from your neck.

7. Cross the tie’s long side (side A) over the short side (side B)

Your tie should loosely overlap just below your Adam’s apple. The strap on side A should be slightly above the “leaf” on side B, which is the rounded, bulged section near the end, as you pull side A over. Where the knot overlaps your skin, leave one or two finger widths.

8. Drape the tie around your neck so one side is longer

For a classic look, pair your bow tie with a shirt with a collar that buttons down. Put the bow tie around your neck with the pattern facing up after raising your collar. Put your tie in place so that one end hangs about 1 12-2 inches (3.8-5.1 cm) lower than the other. The longer side will thereafter be referred to as “side A” and the shorter side as “side B.”

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