Tips On What Rich Men Want

What Do Rich Men Want

You are partially correct if you said sex. Yes, all men desire sex. But for a wealthy man, sex comes easily. You don’t have much to give if your body is the only thing you have to play with. He’ll be moving on when he gets sick of having sex with you. Don’t imagine that just because you’re hot in bed, he’ll stay with you. No matter how talented you are, another woman may be equally gratifying and creative, and men eventually grow tired of returning to the same woman again and time again. Men sometimes refer to sexual activity as “strange sex.” It’s only that having sex with a stranger is thrilling, not because the sex itself is weird.

1. Have A Sweet Personality

Being sweet-natured does not equate to being a pushover. It implies that you are friendly and approachable, that you don’t allow a lot of things bother you, and that you actually enjoy and treat others well. Being sweet entails having empathy for other people, being receptive to diverse points of view without being judgmental, and remaining upbeat while everyone else is getting angry. Does that sound impossible to you? But men desire that.

2. Take An Interest In His Hobbies

Whether it’s basketball, fishing, skydiving, or playing video games, men adore their pastimes, and they want you to share their passions. When a man is chatting about his favorite team and overhears a woman say, “I hate football,” there is an immediate separation. Learn to like sports if you don’t already. Find out who the key players are in the major leagues of baseball, football, and basketball.

3. A Sense Of Humor

What precisely does it mean when a man says he wants a woman with a sense of humor? It indicates that he wants you to laugh at his ridiculous jokes, even if he has told them 50 times already. He wants you to find it amusing when he gets wasted, and he wants you to brush off his foolish remarks to your mother. The moment he says, “Lighten up,” you’ll know you’ve been missing his sense of humor. I was just having fun.

4. Patience And Tolerance

Don’t consider dating affluent men if you don’t have patience. Successful men typically prioritize themselves, their business, and their women in that order. For a few weeks, you might be first, but eventually… You’re going to be really disappointed if you don’t think this. It’s normal for a wealthy man to be late for dates, forget significant occasions, put off returning your calls, or cancel appointments with you in order to do something else.

5. An Ability To Socialize

Social gatherings are commonplace in the world of an affluent man. You will be expected to associate with people who are older and from other backgrounds than you, whether it be at charity events, business dinners, or just hanging out with pals. Your manners must be perfect in addition to having the gift of pleasant conversation and the capacity to make people feel comfortable.

6. Beauty

Never assume that the only requirement for attracting a wealthy man is beauty. The challenge is not just in getting a guy interested in you by looking at him. He will look, sample, and move on if you lack the other attributes he is looking for. In addition, everyone is aware of the fact that beauty is subjective, as anyone who has been dumped by a guy only to discover that he is seeing someone less attractive can attest to. Others prefer their women to be round with huge hips, while some men prefer their women to be slender with massive breasts. Others prefer soft, mushy flesh, while some men prefer athletic bodies that are strong and muscled. There is a man who enjoys every size lady just as she is.

7. Know How To Cook

Since wealthy individuals usually dine out, you could think that this situation is not problematic. Many bachelors’ wish lists. They want to be able to eat a dinner that they cooked themselves at home. They want their wives to be capable of preparing food for guests and business partners. They desire classic holiday fare along with all the fixings. A man wants to be able to enjoy his own house because ordering takeout or dining out might grow old after a time. Get a beginner’s cookbook or enroll in a cooking class if you don’t know how to cook. There is no justification for not knowing how to operate an oven.

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