Us Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of Donald Trump, Says He Can’t Be Kicked Off Ballot
Linkedin Cuts 668 Jobs In Second Cut This Year
Nvidia Adds Record $277 Billion In Stock Market Value
African Musicians With Most Grammy Awards 2024

More Women Are Thriving In Science – Does That Mean Attitudes Have Changed?

Do More Women Succeed in Science Mean Attitudes Have Changed? Over the past four years, women have excelled in science like a tsunami. Half a dozen women have won Nobel prizes in physiology, medicine, physics, and chemistry. Their remarkable accomplishments include Katalin Karikó’s work on Covid-19 mRNA vaccines and Andrea Ghez’s discovery of a supermassive…

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Playstation Unveils Controller For Disabled Gamers

Playstation Has Introduced A Controller Designed Specifically For Gamers With Disabilities A PlayStation controller with large circle-shaped buttons and a joystick on one side will be released in December to make gaming simpler for disabled individuals. The gaming giant has been under pressure to address an industry-long overlooked issue despite rivals releasing identical items. Impressed…

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