Germany To Allow Foreign Skilled Workers Search For Jobs In Germany From June

Germany To Allow Foreign Skilled Workers Search For Jobs In Germany From June

Beginning in June 2024, Germany will begin issuing a “Opportunity Card” to anyone who possess the necessary qualifications and skills to seek for employment opportunities in Germany.

It will be possible for individuals who are looking for work to reside in Germany and look for work as a result of this.

According to a document that bloggers in Germany have seen, the introduction of the Opportunity Card will make the process of finding employment in Germany easier for applicants. It makes it possible for people to receive employment in Germany without having to go through a lengthy recognition process. In addition to having a competency in either German (A1) or English (B2), the candidate must have completed a minimum of two years of vocational training or a degree from an accredited university.

Those individuals who are deemed to be “skilled workers” include foreign nationals who have received full recognition of their skills earned in another country and are therefore eligible to get this Opportunity Card. The persons will consequently be able to receive an opportunity card without any additional specific requirements, and they will not be required to present documentation that they are already employed in a permanent permanent position.

In reference to the Opportunity Card
A maximum of one year is the maximum amount of time that opportunity cards can be issued, providing that the bearer is able to provide for oneself throughout that time period. During their time in Germany, the holder is permitted to participate in work trials or to take up secondary employment for a maximum of twenty hours per week.

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