Indonesian Volcano Eruption Forces Evacuations, Airport Closure

Indonesian Volcano Eruption Forces Evacuations, Airport Closure

The nearest international airport was closed by the Indonesian transport ministry owing to a five-time volcano eruption. Volcanic ash closed Sam Ratulangi International Airport in Manado for 24 hours.

The airport authority office head, Ambar Suryoko, said the shutdown was required for aviation safety as Mount Ruang is almost 100 kilometers away.
Wednesday’s eruption sent a three-kilometer-high column of crimson lava, rock, and ash into the sky. In social media footage, one witness exclaimed, “We’re running, guys,” as they fled the ash.

After the volcanology service raised the alarm, authorities evacuated over 800 people and expanded the evacuation zone. According to agency spokesman Heruningtyas Desi Purnamasari, “The potential for further eruption is still high, so we need to remain alert.” Rocks and ash damaged homes and forced a nearby hospital to evacuate, according to the agency.

To prevent eruption ash showers, Manado’s airport has been closed. Due to aviation authorities’ safety concerns, budget airline Air Asia has canceled flights to nine East Malaysia and Brunei airports.
The volcano is surrounded by a six-kilometer barrier, and more residents are being evacuated, including some from Tagulandang. The disaster mitigation agency spokeswoman, Abdul Muhari, said 1,500 people in high-risk zones need immediate evacuation and over 12,000 more may be affected.

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